The Vineyard

Jack Straw. Tiercel. King Philip. These are the initial vineyard blocks planted in 2018 at 4 Winds in consultation with winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown and viticulturist Jim Barbour to be the best match for this hilltop “jewel box of a site.” The rootstock is 110R—clones of 7, 35.1 and 169, respectively. The varietal, of course, is Cabernet Sauvignon.

As first-time vineyard operators, it’s been a fascinating ride to mull over the block names, which you’ll see on upcoming estate labels. Meanwhile, some backstory:

Jack Straw - Inspired by “share the wine” rock lyrics and the classic stories and California characters of novelist John Steinbeck.

Tiercel - The term for a male peregrine falcon, French-derived, and a reminder to take time to watch the sky. When we do, sometimes we observe falcons in flight over the vineyard.

King Philip - Part of a complex Chapin family legend from colonial-era Massachusetts—the gist is that none of us truly own history or land. Yet we do our best to seek understanding and stewardship.

Jim Barbour, one of Napa Valley’s most experienced and sought-after viticulturists, founded his own label in the 1990s, Barbour Vineyards. He has since collaborated with many of the District’s most talented winemakers, including working with Thomas Rivers Brown to plant and manage the vineyard at 4 Winds.